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We are the ONLY registered charity in the UK which is dedicated to helping stop the needless slaughter of the South African Rhino by illegal poachers. We have also set up ‘Poached Rhino Trust in SA’ (with full NPO and PBO status) with 6 trustees which includes four of the UK trustees. This is to make sure we are working on the ground in SA to make sure all the money that is donated will reach the appropriate projects (see projects page).

We are a small charity who are rapidly growing but without the large conglomerate / history / baggage or administration staff / costs . All members of the charity are volunteers, so we do not get paid and ALL travel expenses come out of our own pockets, therefore, 100% of your donations will go towards the saving of the Rhino in South Africa. You will also know where your money is actually going and what it is being spent on.

We will increase, or just stop the decline of the South African rhino in the wild, even if it is achieved one at a time.

We will increase the awareness of rhino conservation on a global basis and to local communities and ensure that local communities benefit from our conservation.

We have Key activities/initiatives and projects in South Africa (which for obvious reasons we cannot give full /details or exact locations). It will require an international effort, in terms of funding and open minded support, to investigate all options in finding a solution to make sure that the rhino survives this onslaught. Please go to adopt, proytect and name a rhino to find out about how you can make a difference.

All money raised will go directly to bona fide projects which include security, training, and technology, awareness, breeding and persuading the governments to make it an illegal trade now.

We aim to achieve our goals via consulting experts in the field within South Africa; hence we have two trustees exploring avenues/projects at their own expense.

Key points:

  1. R.H.I.N.O. – Real Help Is Notching One – see adopt, protect and name a Rhino
  2. Western / Eastern Cape security / protection.

The Eastern and Western Cape have fairly low statistics of poaching, but still numbered in excess of 20 last year, ONE is too many! Again we are in SA gathering information, reference costs, needs, locations and to ensure the security staff we provide are professionally trained and provide 24 hour coverage( see projects).

We also have the facility to help arrange a trip to south Africa through our local contacts(Please contact us directly for details or go to sponsors/supporters page).

We are also working with companies in SA to promote goods in the UK to increase awareness and raise money for the Rhino here in South Africa.

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