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DSC_0815   Fencing is up………………2016-08-01-PHOTO-0000001320160519_123926  20160519_123921

2016-08-01-PHOTO-00000010P1020334P1020323 Two 15 month old orphansP1020328P1020335P1020393 3 week old orphanP1020347

P1020351 Details below of how you can help….

Divide figures below by 20 if you would like to donate in GBP…………

  • Monthly anti-poaching patrols – minimum of R30 780 per month (R369 360 per annum)
    • includes 2 guards inside the fence at night and 1 guard at the access control security gate during the day.
  • 2 x Bullet Proof vests with tracking devices: R14 000
  • Setting up an access control gate with control room on the road leading up to the sanctuary: R150 000
  • Food for the adult rhinos per month: R3 400 per rhino (R40 800 per annum) (currently have 42 rhinos) – I will get back to you regarding rhinos with names for sponsorship
    • It needs to be noted that the owners are carrying this cost currently, but it is not sustainable for them. It would help tremendously if the food, or parts thereof can be sponsored/donated to ensure the rhinos can stay at the sanctuary.
  • Milk for the orphans: It costs R65 000 to wean a baby rhino
    • Currently we have 2 baby orphans at the sanctuary, but we need to be prepared in the event more arrives. The other orphans have been weaned but still need hay and supplements on an ongoing basis.



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