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More detail to follow on exact expenditure / iniatives etc.

See latest posts for updates.

From the start of the year we  have raised in excess of R250,000 which will be used to help protect the South African Rhino.

From elation to utter devastaion – see our facebook page and also here on Bad news ………………

Some thoughts on Funding Private Game reserves or Government run one, a binary choice. We also fund other projects – please see appropriate page.

“MC is a privately-owned, managed and funded game reserve whose business is the provision of high-quality safari experiences of any duration for conservation-minded guests, and the selective breeding of various species for sale to other game owners. The tourism side of the business is captive to the market, the exchange value of the Rand and prevailing economic conditions, and does not generate attractive returns on its own. It is pursued, like most private reserves of its type, as a passion by the owners and not for wealth creation.  MC considers that its rhino are essential and non-discretionary to its business as a safari destination of choice.”

The facts are it’s not a money-spinner, and could not sustain at all if not for the Sable breeding program, which was added after a few years when it became clear that tourism alone could not generate enough revenue to cover the costs of running the reserve.  The rhino are there purely for the tourists (certainly not to entertain the Sable), and without them, there would be insufficient tourist draw.

The only other option is to give the money to the Government, and I don’t know who would choose that. There are only public and private rhino owners, a binary choice. Without Poached Rhinos financial assistance, MC will not be able to afford the costs of protecting the rhino and will have to either sell them or leave them inevitably open to the poacher’s gun. That makes Poached rhinos assistance – and thus you as a donor – indispensable to sustaining the reserve as a viable destination.


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