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Poached Rhino Funding………….FAQ’s

When the trustees go to visit and stay at any of the projects – where does the money come from?

All visits, travel, accommodation and expenses are funded from the trustees own pockets and not from the charity.

You say 100% of donations go directly to the cause – how is this possible?

All trustees, patrons, ambassadors in the UK & SA are volunteers so no one gets paid.  We also pay for all the administration, accounting costs etc. out of our own pocket.  Project visits are paid for personally , see above. We use the tax relief for purchase of PR promotional products and then all the money is put back into the charity.

How do you decide on projects?

We do extensive research (personal expense) to fully check out background, passion,goals,finances etc. of each one. Once a potential project is found then we receive quotes, breakdown of project etc.; then suppliers are paid directly from the charity once approved by the trustees.

At your charity events – what happens to the money?

We pay for all costs from income raised and then we announce the net profit. A project is decided on before the event so donors are aware of where the proceeds will be spent.

Can I decide where my donations are spent ?

Yes, you can nominate a particular project or decide to name, adopt and protect your own rhino.

If you have any questions about our organization then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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