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Great news – Project 3 (Rhino Sanctuary) is underway

An inner fence and outer fence are being totally rebuilt to protect Orphans and ‘survivors’ from the heinous crime of poaching. It will be a full security complex with drones, motion detectors, CCTV, APUs, dogs etc to protect the wonderful but endangered South African Rhino.

We will send more information and updates soon.

Initial costs R809,000 of which R300,000 was donated from the money raised at our Annual ball, plus R100,00 from our coffers and a R109,000 from a dear friend Mark Kirpalani.

The other R300,000 was donated from other sources.

So Poached Rhino have now donated over R1.2 million to three projects here in South Africa, so slowly but surely we are making a difference!

It is a continual battle so we need your help , so please donate whether a single or regular donation – every bit really does help and a 100% of your contribution gores directly to the cause.

Thank you for all your support.

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