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Good news on project 1 and a new ‘ adoption’ incentive – project 2

Our first goal  ‘Project 1′

We are getting very close to ‘adopting’ our first rhino along with putting all the relevant security systems in place. Our target is R550k and to date we have circa R480k, so we need a further R70k, which is equivalent to a further £4,000, so please give today and send an email that you wish your donation to go to ‘Project 1′. As this is a collective adoption then we already have a suitable name for this particular rhino.

Project 2 (just launched  – May 1st)

We have sourced a further 7 rhinos to ‘adopt’ and track. Due to location and help of farmers/wardens and other ’sponsors’ we are looking at a reduced ‘adoption’ rate of £1500 per rhino (instead of £3,000).

Great news, today we have already secured 3, so we have 4 more, so please take advantage of this great opportunity and adopt and name your very own rhino today, maybe in memory of someone (or animal / pet) or as a unique gift. Again please email details of your donation for ‘Project 2′ and the name you would like to call your chosen Iconic South African rhino.

Thank you all in advance for your kind consideration and donations.

Also please email us if you would like to receive our up and coming monthly / quarterly newsletter.

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