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A glimpse of hope at Koffylaagte…

The weekend Rhino poaching ordeal left the Eastern Cape retreat Koffylaagte Game farm with much remorse, yet the efforts are rewarding and the poaching victim dehorned bull survived.

It is difficult to say for sure but it looks like the poachers first darted the bull and started dehorning him however something must have spooked them for they only managed to cut the big front horn and left the other despite cutting into it half way through. Perhaps the female charged them. They then left the bull and run after the female, eventually dropping her and cutting both horns and killing her. When the farm manager saw the struggling bull on the Sunday morning during a morning horseback safari ride with guests, bull was still under overdose sedative they darted him with. The Vet Emily who arrived to the farm later darted him with an antidote to get the bull out of the risk of the overdose..so bull was a wake fully soon after, however feeling now the full impact of the ordeal..It could be darted again only couple days after for medical reasons and wildlife Vet William Fowlds darted him again yesterday attending to his wounds, boosting him with vitamins and slow acting antibiotics..

The lonely bull doing fine now, with his lost pride..He is eating the supplementary lucern and game pellets very well and recouping fast, while the Koffylaagte team is busy working with the Nature Conservation Department to be able to source a female for the lone bull, believing that this will help him calm down sooner and to put this ordeal behind him. The owner and the management team are also busy assisting the SAPS and HAWK detectives on the case to capture the culprits as soon as possible before they get too brazen in Eastern Cape.

We will be launching a project to raise £15k to buy this chap a new mate!? please specify if you wish tp doante to this cause, we have already raised £3k within days of this tragedy/

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