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2014 may 047crying for his lost love

Real rhino tears………….please help him smile again.

For pictures of rhinos to adopt please go to adoption page or keep abreast via posts and face book.

How you can help today – as with any charity – help, volunteer, spread the word, raise awareness and most importantly donate whatever you can – we have shared some ideas below of how you can help today( plus see our project pages). We also want to encourage and help you organize a safari in South Africa and see this iconic animal yourself, before it really is too late. Please support and spread the word via our social media sites.

Become a MEMBER today via:

Regular Contributions

Rhino Club £5 p m free T shirt available – see

100 Club     £100 p.a./£8.33 p.m.

Benefits – Rhino Tee, educational leaflet, quarterly updates, discounts of ‘Rhoni page’

1000 Club    £1000 p.a./£83.33 p.m. (cost to HRT payer £750 p.a./£62.50 p.m.)

Benefits – Rhino Tee, quarterly updates, 2.5% discount on SA safaris booked via one of our partners.

One-off Contributions

All donations of any size are greatly appreciated but the ideal would be to donate for our main project: see Adopt and naming a Rhino page.

To donate please go to the donate button and follow the steps via CAF. If you wish to donate other than in GBP then please do contact us directly.

Or you can donate via

* We also accept Rand via our SA Charitable Trust -IT10014, Please pay donations directly to Poached Rhino, Nedbank 1075802172 sort 154805.

Please note we are a registered in South Africa as a NPO 148-685 and PBO 930049198, if you need an 18A certificate, please ask.


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