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Franschhoek Art & Conservation Route is now up and running!

Intrinsically linked in Franschhoek, artists and wildlife conservationists have creatively combined their talents to provide a unique opportunity for visitors to South Africa to participate in an exciting new experience, whilst helping to raise money for Poached Rhino and help stamp out poaching.

Visitors to Franschhoek are invited to Immerse themselves in history, culinary delights, wine tasting and original artworks as they follow the Franschhoek Art & Conservation Route.

The concept has been specifically devised to raise awareness of the plight of the elephant and rhino in South Africa and secure funding for anti-poaching initiatives as well as the education of the next generation.

Elephant’s Corner, Franschhoek was originally named Olifantshoek (Elephant’s Corner) by the Dutch due to the vast elephant herds that used to roam the area, in fact it was the well trodden path of the elephant across the mountains that led to the construction of the Franschhoek Pass. The arrival of the French Huguenots resulted in a change of name for the town to Franschhoek (French Corner), hence adopted the French flag. However, the elephant was not forgotten, as the town’s official standard features the tricolor, which depicts the elephant upon its central white band affirming the respect the town still holds for this majestic animal.

The Golden Horn A charismatic mega herbivore, the rhino has been around for some 40 million years and South Africa has by far the largest population in the world thanks to numerous conservation projects. However, poaching has reached crisis point and if current rates continue we could see rhino deaths overtaking births in 2016.

Tourists taking part in the scheme will help to raise funds during their visit and each purchase from local sponsors’ galleries, shops and restaurants will also result in a percentage of the purchase price being donated to the anti poaching fighting fund.

To find out more visit www.FranschhoekACR.com or Facebook page FranschhoekACR

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