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We are launching a number of iniaitives to educate the children of South Africa about the importance of their rhinos.

This is two fold:

1/ To take local underprivelleged children to local game farms so they can see and experience this wonderful creature.It will also be an educational trip to start appreciating the bio-diversity, flora and fauna which will be ‘saved’ via protection of the Rhino and the land. We are working with a local childrens charity (Kusasa Project) to facilitate this.

2/ To sponsor children so they can study the bio diversity, flora , fauna and associated land management with the potential to attend a school of excellence and hopefully forge a career as a vet, conservationist , game warden, or the opportunity to work at a rhino sanctuary. We are currently working to raise enough money in the UK to look at building a ‘School of Excellence’ and also a rhino orphanage/sanctuary. This will help the children to continuue their studies from the age of 18.

If you would like to donate or sponsor a child , then please get in touch so we can send you full details.

Please see latest posts on how your donations can make a huge difference to the children of South Africa.

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